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We Use the Robinson R-22 Beta II IFR Trainer

Additional Certificates and Ratings:

  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)                  
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII)
  • Airline Transport Pilot  (ATP)
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1) Obtain a Third Class Medical
2) Pass FAA Private Helicopter written exam
3) Obtain a minimum of
40 Total hours flight time consisting of
- 30 hours dual instruction
- 10 hours solo - 20 hours Ground Instruction

Total costs based on minimum time:  $11,150
1) Obtain or hold an FAA Private Pilot Certificate, (exceptions apply for certificate holders for other categories)
2) Obtain Second Class Medical certificate
3) Pass an FAA Commercial Helicopter          written examination
4) Obtain a minimum of:      
        150 hours flight hours which includes:
            -  30 hours dual instruction
            -  100 hours Pilot in Command
            -  30 hours Ground Instruction

Costs based on minimum time:  $27,300

Instrument Helicopter Rating

Commercial Helicopter Pilot Program

1) Pass FAA written Instrument Helicopter examination 2) Hold a Private Pilot Certificate with:
- 50 hours Cross Country PIC
- 40 hours Actual/Simulated Training in Category
- 25 hours Ground Time

Cost based on FAA minimums, If Instrument is completed
after Commercial:

Private / Commercial / Instrument / CFI / CFII / ATP

Private Helicopter Pilot Training Program